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September is National Gum Care Month

According to Penn Dental Medicine, 67 million Americans suffer from gum disease. What actually is gum disease? Basically, if you deal with frequent soreness, sharp pains, or bleeding from your gums – you may be at risk of having gum disease. More commonly known as gingivitis, gum disease typically starts as a bacterial infection of your gums.

The bad news is that if you experience these issues, but hesitate to visit the dentist, you put yourself at risk of worsening the issue. If you do not treat gingivitis, it could eventually develop into a more severe issue known as periodontitis.

The most prevalent issue that comes as a result of periodontitis is the loss of teeth. Did you know that the average person will be missing roughly eight teeth by the time they are 65? The loss of that amount of teeth could be rooted back to periodontitis.

With all of that being said, a seemingly unimportant gum pain could ultimately result in tooth loss. A simple check up with your dentist regarding gum pain could save your teeth, your smile, and your confidence.

Experiencing gum pains? See if you qualify to be a patient at HealthLink Dental Clinic! One appointment could save your smile.

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