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Leave a Legacy and a Lasting Impression


Because of generous, forward-thinking individuals like you, low-income adults and veterans living in Bucks and Montgomery counties will have access to the dental care they deserve well into the future.

Including HealthLink Dental Clinic in your estate plan will not only assist you in reaching and achieving your own philanthropic and charitable giving goals, but it will also allow HealthLink to continue its mission of improving the overall health of qualified

low-wage earning adults and veterans in Bucks and Montgomery counties by providing free preventative and restorative dental services and oral health education.


What Opportunities Does a Planned Gift Offer You?

  • The ability to make larger gifts during your lifetime than otherwise possible.

  • The ability to make a gift while assuring income for yourself, a spouse, a child or to others for whom you wish to make provisions.

  • The ability to create a memorial in your name or that of others close to you.

  • The ability to take advantage of tax benefits.


There are many charitable planned giving options available to you, which include naming HealthLink as a beneficiary of:

  • Your Last Will and Testament

  • Your life insurance policy

  • Your retirement plan

  • A charitable trust


Your attorney or financial advisor can advise you of the various types of planned giving options and help you establish a legacy gift that is tailored to your personal needs.

Some of the above-mentioned planned giving strategies may have a greater tax benefit to you than others, so please consult with your attorney or financial advisor on which strategy would work best for you.

For more information contact Jenny Salisbury, CFRE at 267.699.0120 or via email at

Click here for examples of specific language that you may use to name HealthLink as a beneficiary of your will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement assets, or other contractual gift. If you, your attorney, or your financial advisor has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HealthLink by calling 267.699.0120 or by emailing

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