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Project Tooth Fairy

HealthLink Dental Clinic PTF Logo-TitleC
HealthLink Dental Clinic PTF Logo-TitleC

Every donation to
Project Tooth Fairy
helps provide free personalized care packages from the Tooth Fairy to children in need living in either Bucks or Montgomery County as well as other family and
community-based oral education programs.

The Tooth Fairy and
HealthLink Dental Clinic
are teaming up to teach children
and families about the importance
of good oral health!

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Did you know that children who establish good oral health habits are much more likely

to continue those habits into adulthood?

This can help to prevent many dental habits throughout life. 

For more story time videos with the Tooth Fairy and some of her friends, click here!

Listen to the Tooth Fairy's Radio Debut
Radio Interview with Tooth Fairy on 1490 AM WBCB

For more information on Project Tooth Fairy, the Tooth Fairy Fan Club, or National Children's Oral Health Month, email

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