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Encore Rides Sponsors Dental Clinic Services for an Outstanding Repeat Performance

On April 8th, local guided bike tour business, Encore Rides, adopted a day of service at HealthLink Dental Clinic - and not for the first time.

Repeating its charitable giving contribution from 2019, Encore Rides took part in the free dental clinic's Adopt A Day program whereby a local business, organization, or individual "sponsors" a day of the services provided to low-income workers and military veterans at the charity located on Street Road in Southampton. A $500 financial donation could assist HealthLink in providing: a local low-wage earner with their first ever visit with a dentist, a military veteran with a root canal for a tooth that may have otherwise just been extracted, or a filling for a single mother who has been in pain for months.

Encore Rides, owned by Rick James of Doylestown, adopted a Thursday in April to correspond with the beginning of the bike tour season. The sponsorship resulted in a social media blitz on Facebook updating the general public on the services being provided and the patients being served thanks to the support of Encore Rides.

By day's end, it was clear that local business support of the free dental clinic made a positive impact on the oral health needs of our neighbors:

  • 18 members of the community walked through the clinic doors (properly masked and following COVID-19 safety protocols) to receive much-needed dental care.