November is National Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Mouth Cancer Awareness Month. This month has been selected as the time to focus on mouth cancer awareness and prevention. According to the Oral Health Foundation on Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, almost 300,000 cases of this disease are diagnosed each year. What exactly is mouth cancer? Mouth cancer is caused by a mutation of the cells in your mouth. This mutation causes the cell to act irregularly. By this, the cell will continue to grow and divide, eventually pushing out the healthy cells. You may be able to tell if you have mouth cancer if you experience a lump in your mouth, mouth pain that does not go away, sores, or pain when swallowing. Many sources suggest that to

5 Tips for the Budding Humanitarian

The following blog post is the acceptance speech given by Geoffrey Jackson at HealthLink Dental Clinic's Anniversary Cocktail Party Fundraiser on September 26, 2019. Geoff was presented with the 2019 Eugene Jackson Humanitarian Award for his unrelenting commitment to our free dental clinic. There are two types of people in this world – those who love and identify with Star Wars and those who love and identify with Star Trek. As to which is the better franchise, let me break it down for you: Star Wars is awesome. Star Wars will always be awesome. Star Trek sucks; Star Trek will always suck. That said, William Shatner from Star Trek is fantastic. For a while in the 2000’s or early 2010’s he

Cavities Explained

It is common knowledge that cavities are perhaps the largest potential threat to a healthy tooth. Most people commonly associate cavities with toothaches and other tooth pain. Typically, if you are having a mild toothache, you have a cavity. What exactly can cause a cavity? The common answer is too much sugary food and not enough brushing and flossing. Go to the toothpaste aisle in any supermarket and you will find that most toothpaste brands advertise “cavity protection.” It is true – proper toothpaste and brushing will work to prevent a cavity. However, they must be practiced a couple times a day, every day. Cavities are not usually easy to spot yourself, but sometimes you are able. If you

Root Canals Explained

If you have never had a root canal procedure before, you may be curious what it actually is. Essentially, a root canal procedure will remove a part of a decayed tooth in order to “save” the tooth from further decaying or extraction. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the “pulp” of a tooth – that is, the inside of a tooth that helps it to grow – is removed during a root canal. However, the tooth will still be able to survive! Once the tooth grows fully, it can survive on the surrounding tissue. How do you know if you need a root canal? One of the telling signs is sensitivity to hot and cold. If you feel a painful sensation when eating or drinking, you may benefit from a ro

Why You Should Not Fear the Dentist

When you ask someone why they have not been to the dentist recently, they may tell you that they are “afraid”. Afraid of what? Maybe finding out that their teeth are in worse shape than they know. Or it could be they fear the dentist will “yell” at them for not flossing! This seems to be a common myth. Be mindful that your dentist wants the best for you and your teeth. While your dentist may be upset at your lack of flossing, chances are you will not get screamed at! Dentists are here to help! After all, if you are having severe tooth pain or otherwise believe you need to visit the dentist, but are hesitant – don’t be. Many people seem to dislike the sounds and sensations of the dentist offi

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