October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Did you know that October is officially National Dental Hygiene Month? The best way to celebrate is to consider your current dental hygiene habits and see how you may be able to improve! Are you brushing for a long enough time? Are you brushing enough? And here is the big question – are you flossing? That’s the one that many hesitate to say “yes” to – myself included. However, it is important to remember that flossing is instrumental in your overall dental hygiene. What better time to get started than this month? A quick Google search can reveal hundreds – maybe thousands – of articles about how important flossing is. The benefits of flossing daily include Cleaner breath Healthier teeth Lowe

Tooth Extraction: Three Questions You May Have

Sometimes a decayed tooth can reach a point where saving the tooth is not an option. In some cases, a root canal can fix a decayed tooth. However, in servere cases of tooth decay, there may simply not be enough tooth left to support a crown. In this case, the only option left is tooth extraction. Understandably, if you have never had a tooth extraction, it may sound frightening. Some thoughts may go through your head similar to: “How will I ever get used to missing a tooth?” “Won’t it look awkward?” “How much is that going to hurt?” While there is no denying that those three thoughts are true to an extent, you are likely overthinking them. We will go through each: How will I ever get used t

Tooth Worms?

Did you know that before the idea of oral hygiene was even thought of, people would blame their toothaches and tooth decay on “tooth worms”? According to 1-800 Dentist, the cause of any type of tooth pain can be rooted back to these mythical “tooth worms”. The idea was that a worm would, somehow, find itself in your tooth. When you felt a toothache, one would assume that the worm is wiggling around within your tooth. Once the toothache has gone away, the worm would rest until the next toothache. Nobody had a clear idea what these “tooth worms” looked like – probably because they did not exist! However, certain groups of people believed these worms to look different. For example, those in Eng

September is National Gum Care Month

According to Penn Dental Medicine, 67 million Americans suffer from gum disease. What actually is gum disease? Basically, if you deal with frequent soreness, sharp pains, or bleeding from your gums – you may be at risk of having gum disease. More commonly known as gingivitis, gum disease typically starts as a bacterial infection of your gums. The bad news is that if you experience these issues, but hesitate to visit the dentist, you put yourself at risk of worsening the issue. If you do not treat gingivitis, it could eventually develop into a more severe issue known as periodontitis. The most prevalent issue that comes as a result of periodontitis is the loss of teeth. Did you know that the

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