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A Letter from a HealthLink Patient

The following is a letter from a HealthLink patient.

HealthLink Friends,

Rich or poor, when the kindness of a stranger improves your life, a simple “thank you” will do. But how do you respond when the kindness of the highly skilled & compassionate professionals of HealthLink Dental Clinic, saves your life, restores your health and renews your confidence in meeting people face-to-face?

Well, when you’re only working part-time like me, you bring them bakery goodies. Lots & lots of goodies. Plus, you donate whatever funds you can so these extraordinary, selfless people can help the next person whose life may depend on them.

Hi, I’m Bradford Richardson. Fifteen years ago, after working in feature films as the Lead Graphic Designer for THE MIGHTY DUCKS, the Academy Award-Winning, FARGO, and THE BIG LEBOWSKI, I transitioned into screenwriting. I’ve been focused on becoming a working screenwriter ever since. Dental insurance just wasn’t in my budget, even though I seriously needed dental work.

Back in June a severely broken tooth became painfully infected. I called two prominent dental colleges to inquire about receiving student dental services. One service said, “Bring $400 dollars cash as a deposit against a thousand dollars. We might be able to get you in to see a doctor next Wednesday. Be sure to be in our waiting room before 7AM. It’s first-come, first-served.”

I didn’t have a thousand dollars, or four-hundred dollars or even a hundred dollars.

In desperation I googled "FREE Dental Services in Montgomery County". I discovered HealthLink Dental Clinic. I qualified for their low-income program. I’m happy to report my experience with the HealthLink team has been the best dental service experience of my life.


Bradford Richardson

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