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2017: Our Year In Review

Last year marked HealthLink Dental Clinic's sixteenth year serving the community - it's SWEET 16, you might say!

In 2017, the clinic provided a "dental home" to 2,004 adult residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Providing a wide variety of preventative and restorative oral health services, these patients visited the clinic for 2,671 appointments with staff and volunteer dental professionals.

No-cost dental services provided to HealthLink patients last year amounted to:

  • 1,180 fillings

  • 733 cleanings

  • 521 x-rays

  • 318 deep cleanings

  • 180 extractions

  • 124 root canals

  • 69 crowns

In 2017, the total value of free care provided equaled $760,980. On average, this is about $380 worth of services provided per patient.

To provide these much-needed services, our very small staff is aided by the donations of time and talent from local dental professionals. Last year alone, about 1,250 appointments were with generous volunteers.