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2017: Our Year In Review

Last year marked HealthLink Dental Clinic's sixteenth year serving the community - it's SWEET 16, you might say!

In 2017, the clinic provided a "dental home" to 2,004 adult residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Providing a wide variety of preventative and restorative oral health services, these patients visited the clinic for 2,671 appointments with staff and volunteer dental professionals.

No-cost dental services provided to HealthLink patients last year amounted to:

  • 1,180 fillings

  • 733 cleanings

  • 521 x-rays

  • 318 deep cleanings

  • 180 extractions

  • 124 root canals

  • 69 crowns

In 2017, the total value of free care provided equaled $760,980. On average, this is about $380 worth of services provided per patient.

To provide these much-needed services, our very small staff is aided by the donations of time and talent from local dental professionals. Last year alone, about 1,250 appointments were with generous volunteers.

HealthLink Dental Clinic has grown its impact in the community - serving 225 more patients in 2017 versus 2016.

323 of the under-served adults who sat in our dental chairs had never been to HealthLink before. Many new patients heard about our free dental care through recommendations from other local clinics and social service agencies, from friends and family members who were already patients, and from word-of-mouth as a result of our community outreach efforts in 2017.

All of this work was made possible by our supporters - individuals, corporations, and foundations - who contribute to HealthLink Dental Clinic each year.

As a free clinic, we do not receive Medicaid or other insurance reimbursements, as all patients are without dental insurance. Neither do we receive Federal or State funding. All operating funds are raised through philanthropic contributions.

To learn more about HealthLink Dental Clinic, who qualifies for free dental care, or how you can support our mission, visit

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