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HealthLink receives $5,000 grant for "Connecting Oral Health & Overall Health"

As part of its ongoing commitment to communities, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has awarded HealthLink Dental Clinic a $5,000 grant to fund its “Connecting Oral Health & Overall Health” program.

The program was created to reach underserved adults and veterans, as well as educate community members on the interconnectivity of oral health and overall health. All dental patients are screened for risk of both high blood pressure and diabetes and are referred to local clinics if follow-up care is needed.

“Studies are showing that oral health is much more connected to one’s overall health than people may expect. This is especially true for those suffering from – or at risk of suffering from – diabetes or high blood pressure,” said Raquel Braemer, HealthLink’s Development Director. “We’re incredibly grateful for the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation’s support of our program which allows our free dental clinic to screen our patients and empower them to improve their overall health.”

HealthLink Dental Clinic provides free dental care to low-income, working adults and veterans living in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. In 2016, HealthLink helped 1,779 individuals, a 34 percent increase compared with the year prior. These patients’ appointments amounted to $720,853 in free oral health services provided to local adults at no cost. Through a partnership with Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, the free dental services available on-site at its clinic on Street Road in Southampton have expanded to include root canals.

“While many of us look forward to the new year, we recognize that many people in our communities struggle to afford the basics needed for a secure, healthy and productive life,” said Hunter A. Applewhite, president of the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation. “These grants will help fill critical needs for nutritious food, safe shelter and the medical care essential for a better future.”

This is the third consecutive year of Dominion Energy’s support for the HealthLink Dental Clinic.

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