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5 Easy Ways to Support HealthLink on Facebook

  1. Go to our HealthLink Facebook Page: If you haven’t already, click on “LIKE” to become a follower of our page.

  2. Unfortunately, this last step does not guarantee that you will see our posts. Refer to the image above. Click on the “FOLLOWING” button then click on “See First”. This tells Facebook that you definitely want to see our posts in your newsfeed.

  3. Each time you see a new post from HealthLink, be sure to “LIKE” it. The more people who interact with our posts, the more people that Facebook will show that post to. By liking our posts, you are helping to ensure that others even have the opportunity to see it.

  4. If you feel more strongly about a particular post from HealthLink – use one of the other Facebook reactions that pop up when you click on “LIKE” – love, haha, wow, angry, or sad. To Facebook, these reactions are even more meaningful and will help ensure others see our post too.

  5. Finally, click on “SHARE” for relevant posts to put them in your own newsfeed so that your Facebook friends who are not yet connected with HealthLink will see the information. This is especially helpful for posts about who qualifies for our free dental care and about our various fundraising events.

Interested in learning more ways that you can support HealthLink Dental Clinic through your network of friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues on Facebook? Contact Raquel Braemer, Development Director, at or (267) 699-0122.

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