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Milestone Reached at HealthLink Dental Clinic

Today, we have good news – no - GREAT news to share!

As of the end of February 2018, HealthLink Dental Clinic has officially provided more than 25,000 free dental appointments to underserved adults in our community!

The average value of an appointment in 2017 was about $285. At the valuation, it means that HealthLink has provided about $7 million worth of free dental care since opening its doors in 2001!

It is incredible what we have been able to accomplish! And for this opportunity to make such a great impact on the health of our neighbors, we are eternally grateful to our volunteers, donors, and friends!

Donations of time, talent, and funds from the community has meant that low-income, working adults and veterans have walked through our doors 25,000 times to receive high quality, compassionate care that they would have otherwise foregone.

YOU have empowered our patients to restore and maintain their health. YOU have made a significant difference in lives.