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Tooth Extraction: Three Questions You May Have

Sometimes a decayed tooth can reach a point where saving the tooth is not an option. In some cases, a root canal can fix a decayed tooth. However, in servere cases of tooth decay, there may simply not be enough tooth left to support a crown.

In this case, the only option left is tooth extraction.

Understandably, if you have never had a tooth extraction, it may sound frightening. Some thoughts may go through your head similar to:

“How will I ever get used to missing a tooth?” “Won’t it look awkward?”

“How much is that going to hurt?”

While there is no denying that those three thoughts are true to an extent, you are likely overthinking them. We will go through each:

How will I ever get used to missing a tooth?

Take it from me – I have had two tooth extractions within the past three months. One was a decayed tooth that could not be saved, while the other was the result of a root canal not yielding a sufficient amount of usable tooth to attach a crown.

Right after the procedure – and for a week or two afterwards – it will feel strange. This can depend on which tooth/teeth you need extracted. For me, it was two of my molars – one on the top, and one on the bottom. It took about four or five days until I was completely used to not having those teeth. Now, a couple months later, I barely even notice it. You will get used to it!

Won’t it look awkward?

Depending on which tooth needs to be extracted, tooth extraction may leave you with a gap in your smile. In my case, while I am missing teeth, they are not noticeable since they are all the way in the back. To combat this gap, your dentist will likely inform you about dental implants. You may be surprised by how realistic they look!

How much is that going to hurt?

This depends on the amount of anesthesia you are given prior to the procedure. During my first extraction, I asked to “not feel a thing” – and so my dentist gave me a few shots worth, and I barely felt anything! For the second extraction, I opted for less, and thus I experienced a slight amount of pain. Let your dentist know if you fear the pain and they will be certain to make the extraction as painless as they can. However, one thing is certain – the pain extraction could give you is significantly less than the amount a severe recurring toothache will give!

So do not fear losing a tooth! Think you may need an extraction? See if you qualify to be a patient at HealthLink Dental Clinic!

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