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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Did you know that October is officially National Dental Hygiene Month?

The best way to celebrate is to consider your current dental hygiene habits and see how you may be able to improve! Are you brushing for a long enough time? Are you brushing enough?

And here is the big question – are you flossing?

That’s the one that many hesitate to say “yes” to – myself included. However, it is important to remember that flossing is instrumental in your overall dental hygiene. What better time to get started than this month?

A quick Google search can reveal hundreds – maybe thousands – of articles about how important flossing is. The benefits of flossing daily include

  • Cleaner breath

  • Healthier teeth

  • Lower risk of gum disease

  • No more bloody gums!

That last one may seem like a surprise, but it is true! According to Delta Dental, flossing can overall rid your gums of bacteria – thus stopping the bleeding that may typically occur.

Perhaps the number one way you can celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month is by visiting your local dental clinic. If you qualify, HealthLink Dental Clinic would love to celebrate this month with you! See if you qualify to be a patient at HealthLink Dental Clinic!

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