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Why You Should Not Fear the Dentist

When you ask someone why they have not been to the dentist recently, they may tell you that they are “afraid”. Afraid of what? Maybe finding out that their teeth are in worse shape than they know. Or it could be they fear the dentist will “yell” at them for not flossing!

This seems to be a common myth.

Be mindful that your dentist wants the best for you and your teeth. While your dentist may be upset at your lack of flossing, chances are you will not get screamed at! Dentists are here to help!

After all, if you are having severe tooth pain or otherwise believe you need to visit the dentist, but are hesitant – don’t be.

Many people seem to dislike the sounds and sensations of the dentist office. Unfortunately, this is not a myth. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the sounds of the drills may be intimidating, but they are only temporary. Being able to tolerate the sounds and sensations for an hour or two will yield great benefits in the long term.

In conclusion, do not fear your dentist! Frequent dentist appointments will ensure that you are on track for commendable dental hygiene in addition to having a great smile!

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