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Cavities Explained

It is common knowledge that cavities are perhaps the largest potential threat to a healthy tooth. Most people commonly associate cavities with toothaches and other tooth pain. Typically, if you are having a mild toothache, you have a cavity.

What exactly can cause a cavity? The common answer is too much sugary food and not enough brushing and flossing. Go to the toothpaste aisle in any supermarket and you will find that most toothpaste brands advertise “cavity protection.” It is true – proper toothpaste and brushing will work to prevent a cavity. However, they must be practiced a couple times a day, every day.

Cavities are not usually easy to spot yourself, but sometimes you are able. If you feel tooth pain, and you are able to see a brown or black spot on your tooth – you more than likely have a cavity.

Luckily, dentists see cavities more than anything else – and they are simple to fix, too. Typically, for a non-severe cavity, a filling will be all that is needed. This involves removing the cavity, and filling in the area of the tooth where the cavity once was. In more drastic cases, a root canal procedure may be required. You can read about that here.

Cavities can be easy to prevent, so long as you practice excellent oral hygiene techniques. Think you may have a cavity? See if you qualify to be a patient at HealthLink Dental Clinic.

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