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Why Should You Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

Good oral hygiene has many facets, each of which can contribute to your overall dental health. With that being said, one of the major and most obvious forms of care that you can take to ensure proper dental hygiene is by scheduling routine teeth cleanings with your dentist.

Not only will it ensure that your teeth are clean, but it will also help contribute to a cleaner smile. That alone is worth the effort of making that appointment!

First of all, a routine teeth cleaning acts as both a cleaning and a check-up. While your teeth are being cleaned, your dentist also has the opportunity to inspect for possible flaws. For example, your dentist will be able to detect if you have or are currently at risk for gum disease or oral cancer. Not only can your dentist detect more severe diseases, but they can also spot cavities and decaying teeth. After the cleaning, the dentist will let you know if you may need a filling, root canal, or extraction. Being able to spot and remedy these concerns early will save you from future toothaches.

Overall, having your teeth cleaned will benefit you in many ways. Not only will you leave feeling fresh with a cleaner mouth and smile, but you will also know ahead of time if you may need any work done in the future. This could save you from a future dental toothache emergency!

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