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Volunteer Spotlight with Dr. Rouff!

Dr. Rouff is a volunteer dentist here at HealthLink! Learn all about Dr. Rouff, his experiences in dentistry, and what brought him to volunteer at HealthLink!

Q: How long have you been a dentist?

A: 40 years!

Q: Why do you volunteer your time as a dentist at HealthLink?

A: When I sold my practice in Detroit and moved east, I figured it was a good time in my life to do volunteer work. When you have skills and know there is a need out there, it just feels like a natural fit. So, I volunteer at a few different clinics to address the need in different communities. I volunteer here, Ann Silverman Clinic, and at the General Practice Residency Program at Abington Hospital. There is so much need and dentistry is expensive. A single root canal at an endodontist can cost $1,300 to $1,500! It is very eye opening to see how much need is in our community and this is a time in my life where I can volunteer and help, so I do.

Q: How did you hear about HealthLink?

A: I googled free clinics, submitted my interest, and someone called me back within the hour! I have now been with HealthLink for the past 6 years, I think!

Q: What do you like to do when you are not volunteering your time at HealthLink?

A: Play golf and spend time with my family! Our children and grandchildren are the entire reason we decided to retire in this area.

Q: If you could make people remember one important thing about their oral health, what would it be?

A: Regular routine dentist appointments!

Q:  It’s National Men’s Health Month and National Oral Health Month! Do you have any specific oral or overall health tips for all the men out there?

A:  Pretty much the same as I just said! Don't get too busy to make your regular dentist appointments and show up for them!

Q: While HealthLink does not serve children directly, education is a big part of our mission and that includes educating our many patients who are parents and caregivers on best oral health practices for their children! Do you have any tips or tricks for parents and caregivers trying to instill good oral hygiene habits in their children? 

A: The best thing parents can do is to just be a good role model. Children model their parents' behavior. If children watch them brushing and flossing and making the regular appointments, children will grow up to make that a part of their regular life too. If the parents don’t put a value on it, the children won't either!


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